Tracking Hardware

The team at Hidden Trackers have tested and assessed tracking devices from a number of different manufacturers and offer only those models which prove to be reliable.

The tracking service is provided via an advanced online platform complete with all the tools necessary to track and monitor the locations of assets, vehicles and personnel; but also to run comprehensive reports and analyses on historical data, and create dynamic alerting and system control decisions based on tracker activity.

The trackers can be categorised in three main groups of Asset Tracking, Vehicle Tracking and Personnel Tracking. These relate to the manufacturers’ initial design for the trackers, however the versatility of many of the devices allows them to be used in a wide variety of applications.


Asset Tracking

Parcel delivery

Many of the small devices designed to be worn on the body, as well as a range of other self-contained wireless trackers, are ideal for inclusion in shipments of high-value goods in order to monitor their locations live.

Use the advanced geofencing and reporting tools available on the tracking platform to:

  • receive alerts if a shipment has deviated from an assigned route
  • be notified when a shipment reaches various key locations on its way

Suggested uses:

  • Track shipments of valuable goods
  • Monitor supply chain efficiency
  • Alerts of unplanned movement
  • Assist in recovery of thefts

Vehicle Tracking

vehicle in traffic

Vehicle trackers range from wired devices to rapidly deployable magnetic trackers.

  • Connect trackers via wiring loom or ODB port
  • Data transmitted can include mileage, error codes, sensor data, ignition condition and much more
  • Magnetic trackers also available for quick deployment and removal; fast and accurate location data is transmitted without signal loss

Suggested uses:

  • Monitor driver behaviour
  • Notifications for deviation/ unauthorized vehicle use
  • Alerts on thefts/incidents
  • Control vehicle usage (e.g. immobilization)

Personnel Tracking

crowd of people

Small, battery-powered trackers designed to be carried or worn by individuals are available in a number of different styles to suit varying operations.

  • One- and two-way audio capability, waterproofing and emergency panic alarm
  • Monitor the locations of users and be alerted in the event of a user triggering an input
  • Customise the amount of messaging generated to increase lifespan between charges
  • Options to reduce the amount of data collected regarding the holders’ locations should that be a concern

Suggested uses:

  • Monitor personnel locations live, or restrict access to only during emergencies
  • Provide a lifeline to at-risk workers
  • Co-ordinate team operations
  • Improve situational awareness for security teams

Our Tracking Platform allows you to create and run custom reports to quickly track activity.


Hidden Trackers is the sister company of Hiddentec, a specialist designer and manufacturer of advanced GPS trackers for police, military and government clients.

Hiddentec devices can be displayed and monitored within the Hidden Trackers tracking platform alongside all other supported devices.

For missions with high criticality, or in potentially life-threatening situations, we recommend the use of Hiddentec trackers, as these are specially designed for exceptional performance in these situations.

Tracking Device

Support for existing devices

Hidden Trackers offers devices that have been tested, evaluated and found to be reliable and fit for purpose.

If you already have devices installed, however, that’s not a problem! The tracking platform supports over 1500 different device types, so it’s very likely that you’d be able to use your existing devices with Hidden Trackers.

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