About Us

Hidden Trackers is a provider of GPS tracking solutions intended for use by security services, law enforcement and other security-conscious organizations.

The team at Hidden Trackers have nearly two decades of experience in the GPS tracking industry. We provide fixed-wired and battery-powered tracking hardware, displayed on a powerful, web-based platform.

Our sister company, Hiddentec, is a specialist designer and manufacturer of covert tracking devices in use by police, military, government and corporate clients in over 50 countries.

Parcel delivery

Hidden Trackers was formed to bring simple, effective and competitively priced GPS tracking solutions to the market.

We source commercially-available devices that compliment and can work alongside Hiddentec’s own high-end brand of trackers. A range of different trackers from multiple suppliers are tested by Hidden Trackers, and only those models that prove to be reliable are offered for sale.

Secure and powerful solutions

We offer both private- and shared-hosted servers in a secure environment, with the ability to provide encrypted VPN-protected connectivity from tracker to server.

Features include:

  • Users can monitor their devices using both a fully featured in-browser platform and dedicated iOS and Android apps.
  • Powerful tools provide up-to-the-minute information on tracker status and whereabouts, as well as detailed analysis of history and behaviour.
  • A selection of different mapping providers is available, as well as customized map servers.
  • Solutions from Hidden Trackers are ideal for surveillance and intelligence operations, as well as fleet management and behaviour monitoring.
  • Due to the adaptable server software, adding a customer’s existing complement of trackers is possible, however additional security measures may need to be applied.
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