Complete GPS Tracking Solutions

Hidden Trackers provides a total GPS tracking solution designed to meet the requirements of security-conscious professionals in police, corporate and private security industries.

With a single web-based tracking platform, you can easily track and monitor your assets, vehicles and personnel; whether a small covert operation, or fleet-wide management.

Hidden Trackers offers competitively priced trackers from commercial providers that have been evaluated for reliability. We can also offer advanced, high-quality trackers designed manufactured by our sister company, Hiddentec, for police, military and government use.

We’re constantly testing and evaluating trackers from a range of suppliers in order to find those with the best, most reliable performance to suit varying operational needs. The best tool for the job will be recommended by Hidden Trackers during consultation.

The SIM cards which allow the trackers to communicate can be provided by Hidden Trackers for a low-cost monthly fee, or can be supplied by the customer.

Customers can create an unlimited number of user accounts, allowing them to access their tracker data from any web browser, or from the dedicated iOS and Android apps provided free of charge.

Flexibility and security are the key factors that set Hidden Trackers apart. We strive to provide customers with a diverse range of trackers to choose from, displayed on a  feature-rich web-based tracking platform, and with multiple hosting options.

With nearly two decades of experience working with police, military and government clients, the team at Hidden Trackers understand the need for operational security. This is why we offer flexible hosting services with optional added security, and additionally offer the customer the option to purchase and host their own tracking server.

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Top benefits of using a GPS Tracking System

How the Hidden Trackers GPS Tracking solution works:

  • Your GPS Tracker transmits its data to a server using a SIM card. This can either be a Shared Public Server, or for added security you could use our Shared Secure Server or your own Private Server. When connecting to our Shared Secure server, the SIM will need to be on a VPN.
  • From here, you can access all the data received from your tracker as well as use the many tools available to monitor and control its behaviour.
  • View your analytics and metrics through custom reports on computers and mobile devices.
Diagram of GPS Tracker sending a signal to a server

Packed with features and tools, the powerful Tracking Platform and reliable Tracking Hardware allow users from any industry to effectively track, monitor, manage and automate their operation.

Talk to our specialists and we can provide you with the ideal GPS Tracking solution.

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